CCA Mountain Classic Results 2016

On November 12th, 7 UCDC Clogging Teams competed at CCA Mountain Classic in Polk County, North Carolina. We came home with many team and solo awards and could not be prouder of our dancers! Here are the results:

Team Results:

Shooting Stars Amateur- 1st Place 10-12 Amateur Moving Line, Grand Champion Amateur Junior Moving Line
Shooting and Shining Stars Amateur- 2nd Place 10-12 Amateur Exhibition Large Team
Shining Stars Amateur- 1st Place 10-12 Amateur Exhibition Large Team, Grand Champion Amateur Junior Exhibition Large Team, Amateur Junior Team of the Day, OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION AMATEUR JUNIOR TEAM
Shooting Stars Challenge- 2nd Place 10-12 Challenge Moving Line
Shining Stars Challenge- 3rd Place 13-15 Challenge Standing Line
Junior Elites- 1st Place 13-15 Challenge Moving Line, Grand Champion Challenge Junior Moving Line
Elites- 2nd Place 16-19 Challenge Moving Line
Junior and Senior Elites- 2nd Place 16-19 Challenge Exhibition Large Team
Junior Small- 1st Place 13-15 Challenge Small Team, Grand Champion Challenge Junior Small Team
Senior Small- 2nd Place 16-19 Challenge Small Team

Choreographed Solo Results:

Cassie Ross- 1st Place 8 & under
Kenlee Scrivner- 2nd Place 9-11 A
Makenzie Clayton- 3rd Place 9-11 B
Olivia Black- 2nd Place 12-14 A
Emily D’Ornellas- 1st Place 12-14 B
Chandler Hurley- 2nd Place 15-18

Duo Results:

Josie Garner and Jayden Patterson- 2nd Place 9-11 Contemporary
Jaden Menegay and Gracie Smith- 1st Place 12-14 Contemporary
Halle Bagwell and Olivia Fennell- 2nd Place 15-18 Contemporary

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