2017-18 UCDC Swag Teams

Our 2017-2018 Swag Team auditions were a great success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to audition. We witnessed some exceptional talent and are so grateful that you have chosen UCDC as your dance home.

Below is a list of those selected to compete for the 2017-2018 competitive season. If you do not find your dancer’s name on the below list, please do not feel discouraged. We will be happy to sit down with you and map out a plan to help your dancer to reach their goals. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done. We look forward to seeing you all throughout the summer and back this fall!

Please Note: There are some names still not on the team list. We still have private auditions scheduled for the next few weeks, and a 2nd audition to be held in July.

Junior Swag:
Madison Archer
Mary Kate Fain
Abby Garner
Lily Harmon
Anna McConnell
Bethany Stokes
Caroline Sweet

Teen Swag:
Olivia Black
Valerie Johnson
Chandler Kay
Charlee Scrivner
Kenlee Scrivner

Senior Swag:
Halle Bagwell
Taylor Crowe
Chandler Hurley
Olivia Fennell
Emma Fricks
Emma Kate McCoy
Madi Moore