Blueridge Winterfest 2016

On February 13th, 2016, the UCDC Clogging Teams competed at the Blueridge Winterfest Clogging Competition in Lincolnton, North Carolina. UCDC brought home many Grand Champion wins as well as 3 Overall Grand Champion awards. We could not be any prouder of all of the teams, duos, and solos. Congratulations!

Team Awards:

Pee Wee’s- Platinum
Rising Amateur- 1st Place 7-9 Amateur Exhibition, Amateur Pee Wee Team of the Day
Rising/Shimmering Amateur- 1st Place 7-9 Amateur Artistic Expression and Grand Champion Amateur Junior Artistic Expression
Shimmering Stars Amateur- 1st Place 7-9 Amateur Standing Line
Shooting Amateur- 1st Place 7-9 Amateur Moving Line and Grand Champion Amateur Junior Moving Line
Sassy Stars- 1st Place 10-12 Amateur Moving Line
Shooting/Sassy- 1st Place 10-12 Amateur Exhibition, Grand Champion Amateur Junior Exhibition, Amateur Junior Team of the Day, Overall Grand Champion Amateur Junior Team
Shining Stars- 1st Place 13-15 Challenge Moving Line, Grand Champion Challenge Moving Line, 2nd Place 13-15 Challenge Exhibition, Challenge Junior Team of the Day
Shooting Challenge- 1st Place 10-12 Challenge Exhibition and Moving Line
Shining Challenge- 2nd Place 13-15 Challenge Standing Line
Junior Elites- 1st Place 13-15 Challenge Standing Line, Grand Champion Challenge Junior Standing Line, Overall Grand Champion Challenge Junior Team
Elites- 1st Place 16-19 Challenge Standing Line and Moving Line, Grand Champion Challenge Senior Moving Line
Junior Small Team- 1st Place 13-15 Challenge Small Team, Grand Champion Challenge Junior Small Team
Senior Small Team- 1st Place 16-19 Challenge Small Team, Grand Champion Challenge Senior Small Team, Challenge Senior Team of the Day
Salute- 1st Place 13-15 Challenge Exhibition, Grand Champion Challenge Junior Exhibition
Missy- 1st Place 16-19 Challenge Artistic Expression, Grand Champion Challenge Senior Artistic Expression, Overall Grand Champion Challenge Senior Team
Young Adults- 1st Place 20-29 Challenge Small Team and 2nd Place 20-29 Challenge Exhibition


Kailey Caston- 1st Place 10-12 Amateur
Chandler Hurley- 1st Place 13-15 Challenge
Ashlyn Brust- 2nd Place 10-12 Challenge

Choreographed Solos:

Cassie Ross- 1st Place 8 & under
Mia King- 2nd Place 8 & under
Charlee Scrivner- 4th Place 9-11
Kailey Caston- 2nd Place 9-11
Olivia Black- 1st Place 9-11
Ashlyn Brust- 2nd Place 12-14
Madison Haynes- 3rd Place 12-14
Payton Logan- 2nd Place 15-18
Emma Kate McCoy- 1st Place 15-18


Olivia Black and Madison Bromeling- 1st Place 9-11 Short Duo
Brailenn Pollard and Callie Ratcliffe- 1st Place 8 & under Contemporary
Lauren Fowler and Madison Haynes- 1st Place 9-11 Contemporary

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