2014-15 Hip Hop Competition Team Results

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for a UCDC Swag team this season. Auditions went great and the kids were amazing. We are so excited about the upcoming competition season. Official letters with more information about the parent meetings etc. will be sent out next week. If you do not see your name on this list, we will be happy to recommend the classes necessary to prepare you to audition again next year.

Mini Swag:
Josie Bruner
Kaylee Davis
Toby Pruitt
Kamdyn Smith
Abbey Crenshaw
Maddy Cole
Cassie Ross

Junior Swag:
Chloe Martin
Mary Kate Hawkins
Elise Murray
Olivia Mathis
Jaden Menegay
Anna Rookard
Eden Morrow
Jordan Fontaine

Teen Swag:
Bryson Garvin
Leah Mauldin
Bailey Wood
Mary-Margaret Smith
Taylor Crowe
Destiny Tavera
Carley Scruggs
Amber Lagana

Senior Swag:
Emma Rutherford
Zoey White
Rayann Harward
Kylon McKinney
Diana Davis
Emma Kate McCoy
Sierra Faulkner
Olivia Fennell

**Teens/Seniors will be taking class together in the fall, however they will compete one routine together and one team routine separately.

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