Shining Stars Amateur- Community Service Projects

Shining Stars Amateur collected SUGAR for S.H.I.N.E with 55 pounds for the kitchen to make sweet tea. They collected over 100 items for Good Samaritan Health Clinic. Band aids, bags, paper towels, Tylenol, ETC. They had a SHOWER for the Pickens County Animal Shelter. We collected treats, food, towels and cleaning products for them. These we all delivered to these organizations!! Also, Several girls worked at Special Olympics at Westside High School. We provided gourmet cups of coffee to our soldier’s overseas through the Cup-of-Joe program. The girls wrote a note of thanks to the soldier’s and the soldier’s responded in thanks and wishing them luck in their dance competitions! Thank you Shining Amateur for all your hard work this year!!! You made a huge difference in the lives of others.


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