2013 Applause Regional Competition

The UCDC Jazz & Hip Hop Companies attended Applause 22 – 24 March, 2013 in Spartanburg, SC. It was a weekend packed with outstanding talent and our UCDC dancers shined on stage. The dancers did an outstanding job and we could not be more proud! Can you believe our final regional competition is right around the corner? Everyone keep up the good work!!

Annie – Gold & 9th Overall Encore Jr Solo
B x 3 – High Gold & 1st Overall First Call Sr Solo
Bubblegum Boy – High Gold & 4th Overall First Call Jr Solo
Bossy – High Gold
Don’t Make Me Wait – Gold
Dreamer – High Gold
Feels Like Home – Gold & 10th Overall Encore Jr Solo
Girl On Fire – Platinum & 4th Overall Encore Sr Solo
Gold – High Gold & 1st Overall Ovation Encore Jr Vocal
Hypnotic Dance Floor – High Gold & 4th Overall Ovation Petite Solo
Innocence – High Gold & 7th Overall Encore Jr Solo
In This Song – Platinum
Kindly Unspoken – High Gold
Kweezy – Platinum/ Judges “Usher” award & 9th Overall Encore Teen Solo
Lift Me Up – High Gold
My Blood – High Gold & 6th Overall Encore Jr Solo
Rich Girl – High Gold
Rock Your Soul – High Gold
Sparkling Diamonds – High Gold & 8th Overall Encore Jr Solo
Spit Your Game – Gold
To Build a Home – High Gold
Turning Tables – Platinum & 13th Overall Encore Sr Solo
Toy – Platinum & 2nd Overall Encore Jr Solo
Wasted Time – High Gold
Wepa – Platinum & 2nd Overall Encore Sr Solo
Who’s That Girl – Gold

In My Arms – Platinum
In the Sea – High Gold
Never Stop – Platinum & 4th Overall Encore Sr Duo/Trio
Slow Me Down – Gold & 4th Overall Encore Jr Duo/Trio
Two Sexxy – Platinum
We’re So Hot – Platinum & 1st Overall Encore Sr Duo/Trio
Without You – High Gold & 3rd Overall Encore Jr Duo/Trio

All That Jazz – Platinum & 5th Overall Encore Sr LGrp
Always Dreaming – High Gold
Bad Girls N Ganstas – High Gold
Barbed Wire – High Gold
Body Language – Platinum
Born Again – High Gold
Boy Crazy – High Gold & 3rd Overall Ovation Petite LGrp
Boyz – Platinum
Cracks – Platinum & 4th Overall Encore Teen LGrp
Dirty Bieber – High Gold
Disco Sirens – Platinum & 2nd Overall Encore Jr LGrp
Don’t Stop the Party – High Gold
Evolution of Hip Hop – Platinum & 5th Overall Encore Teen Line
Explosions – Platinum & 4th Overall Encore Teen SGrp
Footloose – Platinum/ NYC Dance Experience Invitation & 2nd Overall Encore Teen Line
FSB – High Gold
Happy Birthday – High Gold & 1st Overall First Call Teen LGrp
The Hip Hop Morning Show – High Gold/NYC Dance Experience Invitation & 1st Overall First Call Teen Line
Iris – Platinum & 2nd Overall Encore Sr SGrp
Jet Set – Platinum & 3rd Overall Encore Jr LGrp
Kissing You – Platinum/Judges “Enchanted Love Story” award/Most Entertaining Act of the Day & 3rd Overall Encore Teen LGrp
Love Machine – High Gold/Judges “Professional Performance” award & 5th Overall Ovation Petite SGrp
Marry the Night – Platinum/ KAR TV Outstanding Jazz Performance of the Weekend & 3rd Overall Encore Sr SGrp
Music in Me – Platinum
Neon Lights – Platinum
Pink Friday – Platinum

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