Junior & Senior Jazz Company Members Donate Toys

The Junior and Senior Jazz teams at UCDC gave back to their community at Christmas. UCDC dance teams have been doing many different community service projects that support the studios “Project Shine On”, making a difference through dance. They bought gifts for the Greenville Children’s Hospital patients. The team members delivered them to the Child Life Supervisor Emily Durham on December 21, 2012. The items that were purchased were based on the specific needs of the children and offered therapeutic and developmental value. The hospital publishes a listing of the most needed items that they need. The hospital staff use these as “give-aways” to reward the children for an accomplishment or as distraction aids to take the child’s mind off of a procedure and relieve some of their anxiety. Some of the gifts purchased included arts and craft supplies, blocks, books, games, and infant toys. In total, the dancers collected over 60 items and had a wonderful time delivering them to the hospital. It was a great way to share the spirit of the Christmas season with the patients at the Children’s Hospital.

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