Applause Talent 2012 Nationals

The UCDC Jazz Company finished off an awesome year of competition by competing at Applause Nationals. Nationals were held in Charleston, SC on 28 June to 1 July 2012. It was a fun and busy packed four days. The dancers attended the Intensity dance master classes, which were led by top professionals. There was a DJ dance party one evening, studio banner contest, and a parent dance off. Congratulations to Russ Armstrong for winning the dad parent dance off! We had several senior jazz team members learn choreography and preform an Elite Exhibition advanced level opening routine at the “Best of the Best”. We also had dancers represented in the National Finale dance that closed out the “Best of the Best” finale. UCDC participated in the Trophy Opt Out Program at Nationals and the proceeds were donated to the Susan G. Komen & the American Cancer Society on behalf of our studio. Our studio received a commemorative plaque for our contribution. It was a great week to hang out with friends and watch the dancers represent UCDC with their passion on the stage! Thanks dancers for consistently giving that extra degree all year!!

Bad Girls – Platinum
Did Yah – High Gold
Dreamer – High Gold
Heads Will Roll – Platinum
Hold Up – Platinum
Hot Stuff – High Gold
Hypnotic Dance Floor – High Gold & 4th Overall Ovation Petite
In This Song – Platinum, 3rd Overall Encore Teen & “Incredible Costume” Award
It’s All Coming Back to Me – Platinum
Lift Me Up – High Gold
Mean Streak – Platinum & 6th Overall Encore Teen
My Immortal – Platinum
Party Tonight – High Gold & 9th Overall Ovation Petite
Rough Draft – High Gold
Promises – Platinum , 1st Overall Encore Senior & Encore Soloist of the Year
Runway – Platinum & “Dashing Diva” Award
Sparkling Diamonds – High Gold
The Climb – Platinum & 5th Overall Encore Senior
Toy – Platinum & 2nd Overall Ovation Petite
Turning Tables – High Gold
Who’s That Girl – Gold & 10th Overall Ovation Junior
Wind Beneath My Wings – High Gold
21st Century Girl – High Gold & 7th Overall Ovation Petite

Burn – High Gold, 3rd Overall Ovation Petite & Costume Award
In My Arms – High Gold & 10th Overall Encore Junior
The Kill – High Gold & 7th Overall Encore Junior
You Betta Run Boy – High Gold
Vanity – Platinum, 1st Overall Encore Teen & Encore Duo/Trio of the Year
Tonight – Platinum & 1st Overall Encore Senior & High Score Award
Wow – High Gold & 2nd Overall Ovation Junior

All That Jazz – High Gold & 10th Overall Encore Teen (LGrp)
Barbed Wire – High Gold & 5th Overall Ovation Petite (SGrp)
Body Language – Platinum & 2nd Overall Encore Teen (LGrp)
Dinosaur – Platinum & 6th Overall Ovation Petite (LGrp)
Don’t Stop the Party – Platinum & 3rd Overall Encore Teen (LGrp)
Down – High Gold
Evolution of Hip Hop – Platinum & 2nd Overall Encore Teen (Line)
Footloose – Platinum, 1st Overall Encore Junior (Line) & Most Entertaining Routine of the Day
Goodbye – Platinum & 6th Overall Encore Teen (SGrp)
Marry the Night – Platinum & 3rd Overall Encore Senior (LGrp)
Pink Friday – High Gold & 7th Overall Encore Junior (Line)
Relief – High Gold
Roxie – High Gold & 2nd Overall First Call Petite (SGrp)
Sabado Suda -High Gold &2nd Overall Ovation Junior (SGrp)
Someone Like You – Platinum & 5th Overall Encore Senior (LGrp)
Supa Bass – Platinum, 2nd Overall Ovation Petite (LGrp), “Sassy Diva” Award & Ovation Junior Group National Champion
Take Over Control – Platinum & 6th Overall Encore Senior (SGrp)
Twilight – High Gold
We Own the Night – High Gold
Wild Fires – High Gold & 3rd Overall Ovation Petite (SGrp)
Your Song – Platinum & 8th Overall Encore Senior (SGrp)

Routines Chosen to Compete in “Best of the Best” Show
Promises – Encore Soloist of the Year
Vanity – Encore Duo/Trio of the Year Award
Supa Bass Ovation Junior Group National Champion
Body Language

National Workshop Scholarships
Emma Jane Zaher – Partial scholarship
Amanda Compton – Full Scholarship
Thomas Geren – Full Scholarship

KAR Free Dance Pass to a Convention
Belle Hunsinger
Rachel Wyatt

Elite Exhibition Dancers
Amanda Compton
Jordan Chastain
Krista Whitcomb
Madison Perkins
Tara Moore
Thomas Geren

National Finale Dancers
Belle Hunsinger
Brooklyn Perkins
Emma Jane Zaher
Emily D’Ornellas
Immy Armstrong
Isabella Boiter
Jackie LiBrizzi
Kaylee Jeffries

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