2012-13 Clogging Team Audition Results

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for a clogging team this season. Auditions went great and the kids danced their hearts out. We are so excited about the upcoming year.
Official letters and parent meeting dates will be mailed out July 25th.
If you do not see your name on this list, we will be happy to recommend the classes necessary to audition again next year.

Tiny Tots (Will train together and compete at 1 competition next season)
Abbey Hickey
Katie Medeiros
Jayden Patterson
Chloe Qubti
Kenlee Scrivner
Josie Garner
Lily Rogers
Ella Sudbeck

Listed below is your official team for the year. If this is your first year on a team, categories/dances will be explained in the parent meetings in August.

Amateur Teams

Pee Wees
Madison Bromeling
Kailey Caston
Hannah Ciplickas
Mckenzie Clayton
Claire Hurley
Olivia Mathis
Kenlee McVay
Isabella Pitts
Avery Brock
Windsor-Rose Fouesk
Charlee Scrivner
Olivia Black

Rising Stars Amateur
Bailey Dermid
Payton Fotos
Lauren Fowler
Madison Haynes
Destiny Tavera
Taylor Moore
Rayne Page
Morgan Stalling
Madison Medlin
Savannah Chastain
Lori Akers

Shooting Stars Amateur
Ashland Brust
Lila Fricks
Ashland Jones
Amber Lagana
Madison Sutherland
Alexis Price
Lindsay Brown
Olivia Fennell
Chandler Hurley
Gracie Godfrey
Halle Bagwell
Ava Randall

Shining Stars Amateur
Mikenzie Whitt
Emily Lowery
Olivia Roach
Marlee Journal
Meri-Liv Gray
Rylie Doffee
Morgan Brust
Emily McDaniel
Brittany Johnson
Amber Geren
Ali Smith
Sara Ciplickas – understudy

Challenge Teams

Rising Stars Challenge
Kaylin Bell
Kerigan Bryant
Emily D’Ornellas
Cayce Lupisella
Lexie White
Chloe Eskew
Payton Logan

Shooting Stars Challenge
Ashli Locke
Kylon McKinney
Montanna Owens
Mary Ashlyn Parker
Abby Rogers
Hannah Hayes
Micayla McMahon
Sydney Kelly
Wallace Woods
Ali Smith – understudy

Shining Stars Challenge
Brooke Barbrey
Bailey Breazeale
Taylor Davis
Mackenzie Hughey
Autumn Leubecker
Brooke McMurrer
Rachel Melton
Brittany Roberson
Lauren Turner

Junior Elites
Matthew Fortner
Emma Kate McCoy
Sydney Jones
Ryann Grasty
Michal Marie Davis
Emma Fricks
Delaney Rust
Taylor Davis

Junior Small Team
Ryann Grasty
Emma Kate McCoy
Sydney Jones
Emily Gilliland
Madison Wiener

Teen Small Team
Caroline Wilson
Blaire Andrews
Amberlyn White
Leigh Ann Turner
Alexa Bagwell

Senior Small Team
Leslie Adams
Amberlyn White
Blaire Andrews
Kimberlin Clark
Brooke Andrews

Elite Stars
Emily Gilliland
Alexa Bagwell
Leigh Ann Turner
Caroline Wilson
Blaire Andrews
Kimberlin Clark
Brooke Andrews
Sydney Gillespie
Leslie Adams
Baylie Weeks
Madison Wiener
Amberlyn White

All Senior Dances will be by audition prior to choreography.
A New Junior Exhibition dance will be by audition prior to choreography.
***Ages will play a significant role in placing dancers for these routines.

These dancers will be added to last year’s routines:
Senior Artistic Expression – Dock – Amberlyn White and Leigh Ann Turner
Junior Open Line – I Like That – Same as last year
Junior Artistic Expression – Bass Down Low – Same as last year

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