Many UCDC Dancers Attend the Nexstar Dance Competition

On 20 – 22 April 2012 many of our UCDC Jazz and Hip Hop dancers attended the Nexstar dance competition in Spartanburg, SC. This was an optional competition for our studio, but a lot of our students were still in the competition mode. It was another great weekend filled with talent. We so love to watch you all dance and were very proud of all of your performances! A job well done UCDC!

A Song for You – Platinum/1st Place/4th Overall Nexstar 15-19yo & Costume Award
Did Yah – Gold & 6th Overall Newstar 8 and under
Dreamer – High Gold/1st Place & 4th Overall Nexstar 9-11yo
Gravity – Platinum
Heads Will Roll – Platinum/1st Place
Hypnotic Dance Floor – Platinum/1st Place/1st Overall Newstar 8 and under & “You Put a Spell On Me” Award
In This Song – Platinum/1st Place & 3rd Overall Nexstar 12-14yo
It’s All Coming Back to Me – 5 Stars/1st Place & 2nd Overall Nexstar 15-19yo
Material Girl -High Gold/3rd Overall Nexstar 8 and under
Mean Streak – High Gold & “Great Attack” Award
Money Makes a Girl Go Round – Gold
Promises – Platinum/1st Place
Rich Girl -High Gold
Rough Draft – High Gold
Run the Show – Platinum/1st Place
Shackles – High Gold/1st Place
Turning Tables – Platinum/7th Overall Nexstar 12-14yo
Who’s That Girl – High Gold & Costume Award
Wind Beneath My Wings – High Gold/1st Place 3rd Overall Allstar 8 and under
21st Century Girl – High Gold/1st Place
007 – Platinum/1st Place & 2nd Overall Prestar 12 and over

In My Arms – Platinum/1st Place & 2nd Overall Nexstar 9-11yo
You Betta Run Boy – Platium
Vanity – Platinum/1st Place/4th Overall 12-14yo & “Great Attack” Award
Burn (ran as a duo)- High Gold/1st Place & 1st Overall Nexstar 8 and under
Tonight – Platinum & 5th Overall Nexstar 15-19yo
Wow – High Gold & 4th Overall Newstar 9-11yo

Hard – High Gold/1st Place & 2nd Overall Prestar 12-14yo (LGrp)
Roxie – High Gold/1st Place & 1st Overall Prestar 8 and under (SGrp)
Swag – Platinum/1st Place/1st Overall Prestar 9-11yo (LGrp) & Choreography Award

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