Applause National Talent Competition

The UCDC Jazz and Hip Hop Companies just completed another successful dance competition this past weekend. We competed at Applause in Spartanburg, SC on 23 – 25 March 2012. You guys have been consistently giving “212” this competition season and the judges have also recognized your talent and hard work. We could not be prouder of you this year and can’t wait to see you bring it at Starpower!

A Song for You – Platinum
Bad Girls – Platinum
Charlie Brown – High Gold
Did Yah – High Gold
Dreamer – Platinum
Gravity – High Gold
Hold Up – Platinum
Hot Stuff – High Gold
Hypnotic Dance Floor – Platinum & 3rd Overall 1st Call Petite
In This Song – Platinum & 4th Overall Encore Teen
Lift Me Up – Platinum
Material Girl -Platinum
Mean Streak – Platinum
Money Makes a Girl Go Round – High Gold
Party Tonight – Platinum & 10th Overall Ovation Petite
Rich Girl -High Gold
Rough Draft – High Gold
Run the Show – Platinum
Runway – Platinum & 6th Overall Ovation Petite
Shackles – High Gold & Fusion Dance Camp Invitation
Turning Tables – High Gold & Most Entertaining Encore Soloist of the Day
Who’s That Girl – High Gold
Wind Beneath My Wings – High Gold
21st Century Girl – Platinum & 8th Overall Ovation Petite
007 – Platinum/1st Overall 1st Call Teen & Fusion Dance Camp Invitation

In My Arms – High Gold
You Betta Run Boy – Platinum
Vanity – Platinum & 2nd Overall Encore Teen
Burn – Platinum & 2nd Overall Ovation Petite
Wow – High Gold & 5th Overall Ovation Junior

All That Jazz – Platinum & 7th Overall Encore Senior (LGrp)
Barbed Wire – High Gold
Body Language – Platinum 5th Overall Encore Teen (Line)
Dinosaur – Platinum
Don’t Stop the Party – Platinum & 10th Overall Encore Senior (LGrp)
Down – Platinum & 7th Overall Encore Teen (SGrp)
Evolution of Hip Hop – Platinum
Footloose – Plat/4th OA Encore Teen (Line) & Most Entertaining Routine of the Day
Hard – High Gold & 1st Overall 1st Call Teen (LGrp)
Marry the Night – Platinum
Relief – High Gold
Roxy – Platinum & 1st Overall 1st Call Petite (SGrp)
Sabado Suda – Platinum
Someone Like You – Plat/5th OA Encore Senior (SGrp) & NYC All Star Invitation
Supa Bass – Platinum & 2nd Overall Ovation Petite (LGrp)
Swag – Platinum & 1st Overall 1st Call Junior (LGrp)
Take Over Control – Platinum & 10th Overall Encore Senior (SGrp)
Twilight – Platinum & 6th Overall Encore Teen (LGrp)
We Own the Night – High Gold
Wild Fires – Platinum & 2nd Overall Ovation Petite (SGrp)
Your Song – Platinum

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