UCDC Junior Elites serve at Easley Soup Kitchen

The Junior Elites clogging team helped serve meals to the SHINE Soup Kitchen in Easley on November 3rd, 2011. This is their one of their 212 community service projects for this year. They also entertained the crowd of 30 with an award winning clogging routine! They were a great hit and loved the opportunity to help this amazing facility.

A few facts on the Soup Kitchen:
Pickens County has a poverty level of 16.5% with a population of 118,144. SHINE operates a soup kitchen in Easley and serves a meal every evening M-F from 5:30-6:30. As the only soup kitchen in Pickens County, SHINE serves an average of 250 meals every week and relies on donations and volunteers to operate. SHINE has a foundation board consisting of dedicated volunteers who meet each month to address issues and make decisions. SHINE had approximately 25-30 kitchen managers who oversee the planning of the menu, preparation of the food and the cleanup. More than 150 volunteers donate their time to operate SHINE.

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