Jazz Companies Compete at Kids Artistic Revue Dance Competition

The UCDC Jazz and Hip Hop Companies competed at the KAR Dance Competition held at the Spartenburg Memorial Auditorium on February 15th-17th, 2011. The top awards of the weekend were awarded to Amanda Compton who won Teen Miss KAR Title Award, Sr. Rec. Hip Hop Team 1st Overall, Rachel Wyatt, Tara Moore and Madison Capps won 1st Overall Teen Trio, and The Megas won Overall Small and Large Group in the Junior Division. We are so proud of all our dancers during their first competiiton of the season. Way to Work, UCDC!!!!

Get Big – Megas/Juniors/Seniors – Top 1st & 5th Overall
Polyhedron – Seniors – Top 1st
Parachute – Seniors – Top 1st
If I Were A Boy – Seniors – Top 1st
Criminal Intent – Seniors – Top 1st
Sim Song Sing – Juniors – Top 1st
Rock Your Body – Megas – 1st
Cooties – Minis – 1st
Watcha Want? – Sr. Hip Hop Team – Top 1st & 2nd Overall
Breaking It Up – Megas – Top 1st & 1st Overall
The School Rock – Jr. Hip Hop Team – Top 1st & 1st Overall
Meddle – Megas – 1st
Seaglapor – Juniors – Elite Top 1st & 7th Overall
Supa Bass – Minis & Majors – Top 1st & 6th Overall
Nantas – Juniors – Elite Top 1st & 3rd Overall
Dinosaur – Majors – Top 1st & 4th Overall
Hey Creepo – Megas – Top 1st & 1st Overall
Bonfire – Juniors – Elite Top 1st & 8th Overall
On The Outside – Majors – Top 1st & 5th Overall & Passion and Heart Award

Hot Stuff – Abbey Anne Freeman – Top 1st & 10th Overall
Fairytale – Aaron Compton – Top 1st & 9th Overall
Kickin’ It Old School – Adam Compton – Top 1st & 8th Overall
Take It Off – Julia Mazzucca – Top 1st
Bullet Proof – Madison Perkins – Top 1st
P.Y.T. – Taylor Spratt – 1st
Heads Will Roll – Tara Moore – Elite Top 1st & 2nd Overall
Good Luck – Amanda Compton – Elite Top 1st & 6th Overall
My Immortal-Amanda Compton-Elite Top 1st
Gravity – Krista Whitcomb – Elite Top 1st & 9th Overall
If I Ain’t Got You – Courtney Constantine – Top 1st
Battle – Krista Whitcomb – Top 1st
Popular – Marissa Daley – 1st
Pretty Swag Boy – Landon Monroe – 1st
Wonderful World – Reagan Foster – Top 1st & 4th Overall
My Strongest Suit – Sydney Freeman – Top 1st
Fallin’ – Taylor Wilson – Elite Top 1st & 8th Overall
The Moment I Said It – Sara Brehmer – Top 1st
Hot Like Wow – Tara/Madison/Reagan – Top 1st & 2nd Overall
All Summer- Tara Moore and Jordan Chastain-1st
The Call – Sara/Taylor – Elite Top 1st & 3rd Overall
Tonight – Tara/Madison/Rachel – Elite Top 1st & 1st Overall
Fashionista – Emily D’Ornellas – Top 1st
Rock Star – Cayce Lupisella – Top 1st
Wind Beneath My Wings – Chloe Eskew – Top 1st
La La La – Isabella Boiter – Top 1st
Blah Blah Blah – Emily D’Ornellas – Top 1st & 10th Overall
Sassy Like Me – Chloe Eskew – Top 1st
Right Hand High – Cayce Lupisella – Top 1st & 9th Overall
Material Girl – Belle Hunsinger – Top 1st
I Need More – Carley Scruggs – Top 1st
Get This Party Started – Carley Scruggs – Top 1st & 4th Overall
Dancing – Haygen Mccullough – Top 1st & 3rd Overall
Candy Girls – Kaylin/O’Malley – Top 1st & 4th Overall

Petite Miss Awards
Emily D’Ornellas – 7th Runner Up
Chloe Eskew- 5th Runner Up

Junior Miss Awards
Carley Scruggs-5th Runner Up

Junior Mr. Awards
Aaron Compton-3rd Runner Up
Adam Compton-2nd Runner Up

Teen Miss Awards
Amanda Compton-Miss Teen Dance

Most Entertaining Award
If I Were A Boy- Seniors

Strutt Your Stuff Award
Cooties- Minis

All Star Kids Award
Breaking It Up – Megas

Costume Award
Breaking It Up – Megas

All Star Invite to NYC
Hot Like Wow- Tara/Madison/Reagan
Tara Moore
Amanda Compton
Krista Whitcomb
Sydney Freeman

All Star Convention Scholarship
Carley Scruggs

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