UCDC Welcomes Leona Mormuine

The Junior and Senior Jazz Companies started the year off right with new choreography July 30th-August 1st for their teams… Look for these new lyrical dances at this season’s dance competitions. A special thank you to all the dancers for all your hard work during these classes and to Leo for his amazing choreography.

Check out Leo’s background:

Leo’s background includes not only jazz, ballet and modern, but also Afro-Haitian. He studied on a full scholarship with the San Francisco Ballet before he went on to perform with them. He also performed with The San Francisco Opera. Leo’s choreographic credits include work for Carlos Santana and the martial arts legend Jackie Chan. He also created choreography and performed with 50 Cent and Fabulous. Leo has fused lyrical and street to make a style that is, to say the least, breathtaking.

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