Jazz Company Audition Results

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for a company this season. Auditions went great and the kids danced their hearts out. We are so excited about the upcoming year.

If you do not see your name on this list, we will be happy to recommend the classes necessary to audition again next year. Also, everyone is eligible to take the June Summer Classes and Dance Camp.

O’Malley Bannister
Kaylin Bell
Taylor Burger
Jessica Cox
Chloe Eskew
Alexandria Hammett
Madison King
Sarah Jane McKinney
Emma Jane Zaher

Immy Armstrong
Madison Bode
Isabella Boiter
Emily D’Ornellas
Olivia Fennell
Belle Hunsinger
Kaylee Jeffries
Jaclyn LiBrizzi
Cayce Lupisella
Owen Grace McCullough
Brooklynn Perkins
Carley Scruggs
Allison Troup
Madison Moore – Understudy

Katie Bowman
Aaron Compton
Adam Compton
Courtney Constantine
Marissa Daley
Abbey Ann Freeman
Krista Gordon
Julia Mazzucca
Cierra Sorrells
Sara Roper
Caleb Nelson – Understudy
Jacob Cox – Understudy
Jessica Mazzucca – Understudy
Loren Clark – Understudy
Erika Leslie – Understudy

Jordan Chastain
Amanda Compton
Dani DiMuzo – Understudy
Haley Eldridge
Wallace Gulledge
Landon Monroe
Tara Moore
Madison Perkins
Taylor Spratt
Krista Whitcomb
Caleb Nelson – Hip Hop

Taylor Bolds
Sara Brehmer
Madison Capps
Reagan Foster
Sydney Freeman
Cole Reynolds
Erin Roper
Anna Taffer
Taylor Wilson
Rachel Wyatt

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