Jazz Companies Compete at Star Systems Competition

The UCDC Jazz Companies competed at the StarSystems Dance Competition held at Classic Center in Athens, GA April 30th-May 2nd, 2010. The top awards of the weekend were awarded to Tara Moore for Overall Junior Solo, Junior Jazz Company Overall Junior Large Group, and the Seniors won Overall Small and Large Group…Check out the other outstanding performers and team results below… GOOD WORK Dancers… we are so proud of you!!!

We Can Transform Ya Minis/Megas Platinum 1st & 3rd OA
Low Juniors Platinum 1st & 2nd OA
CandyMan Megas High Gold
Rumpus Megas Platinum 1st & 3rd OA
Hi Juniors Platinum 1st & 1st OA
Inch Junior/Senior High Gold
So Hard Seniors Platinum
Mannequin Junior/Senior Platinum
I’m Not Who I Used to Be Seniors Platinum 1st & 1st OA
Misguided Ghosts Seniors Platinum 1st & 4th OA
Vanilla Soy Chai No Water    Junior/Senior Platinum 1st & 2nd OA
Hit The Floor Sr Hip-Hop Team High Gold 1st & 2nd OA
I Spy Junior Hip-Hop Team High Gold & 5th OA
New Attitude Minis High Gold & 5th OA
Dum Diddley Tap High Gold 1st
Body Rock Tap High Gold 1st
Tomorrow Can’t Wait Seniors Platinum 1st & 1st OA
Get Shakey Juniors Platinum 1st & 4th OA
Are We There Yet? Senior Trio Platinum & 3rd OA
Eet Junior Trio Platinum & 5th OA
Hot Like Wow Junior Trio Platinum 1st & 4th OA
LaLa Tap Trio High Gold 1st
Sort Of Senior Duo Platinum 1st & 1st OA
Cloud Busting Kim Kirby Platinum
Gimme Gimme Reagan Foster High Gold 1st
Good Luck Amanda Compton High Gold 1st
Good Luck Chelsea Lillland High Gold
Held Rachel Wyatt Platinum 1st&2nd OA
It’s Only Life Tara Moore Platinum 1st & 1st OA
My Egyptian Lover Madison Capps Platinum 1st
Never Fall in Love Sarah Brehmer Platinum 1st
Roxy Nicole Shingleton High Gold
Stuff Like That There Tara Moore Platinum1st
The Party’s Just Begun Katie Bowman Gold
This Place is a Prison Ryan Kirby Platinum 1st & 2nd OA
World Go Round Ryan Kirby Platinum 1st
Were Not Safe Yet Nicole Shingleton High Gold 1st
Bad Girl Yaritza Gallego High Gold 1st & 2nd OA
Kickin’ It Old School Adam Compton High Gold 1st & 5th OA
Glory Box Taylor Wilson Platinum 1st
Wild Horses Haley Eldridge High Gold
Star Struck Sara Brehmer Platinum
Sweet Chariot Erin Roper Platinum
Photogenic Award    
Reagan Foster – High Gold    
Amanda Compton – 2nd Place High Gold  
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